i3 FIVE inline sterile filter

Inline sterile filter for inflow pipes of water-injected medical devices*

With the i3 FIVE inline sterile filter, we offer the optimal solution for all areas where a safe microfiltration of all waterborne pathogens is needed for high water flows. This may be, for instance, in the automatic reprocessing of medical devices (e.g. endoscopes) and for filling birthing tubs. The i3 FIVE inline filter provides sterile filtration of tap water and is installed to protect against contamination caused by waterborne pathogens, such as Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa or microbes, in the inflow pipes of devices and instruments.

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Sterile filtration for the reprocessing of medical devices

Particularly when it comes to the reprocessing of medical devices used in the human body, such as endoscopes, a high-quality cleaning and disinfecting of the device is essential. And it has to be performed in line with the DIN EN ISO 15883 standard. This is in addition to the requirements put on the water quality for the final rinsing, aimed to nearly completely remove any residue from the cleaning and disinfectant solutions in and on the endoscope. In their specifications for hygiene, the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (KRINKO) at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and Germany's Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) recommend the use of validated processes when it comes to the reprocessing of medical devices. They also provide information on water quality threshold values to prevent reprocessed endoscopes from transmitting microorganisms.

The reprocessing of medical devices can take place manually, partly automatically or fully automatically. The i3 FIVE inline filter can be used for partly and fully automatic reprocessing thanks to the use of cleaning and disinfecting devices. The filter is installed in the inflow pipe of the reprocessing machine and serves as a safe barrier against all waterborne microbes during the pre-cleaning and final rinsing stages.

The pre-cleaning involves the processing of successful disinfection. In this reprocessing phase, contaminants and cleaning solutions which could remain on the medical device are rinsed away using tap water. During pre-cleaning, microfiltration is recommended to prevent contamination of the device, which could be caused by waterborne pathogens.

The final rinsing must be carried out using microbiologically pure water of drinking water quality to ensure that no new microorganisms are introduced into the endoscope after all the remaining disinfectant has been rinsed out. Medical device manufacturers (e.g. of endoscopes) stipulate the use of demineralised (purified) or distilled water for the final rinse. However, because both are frequently contaminated with microorganisms, a sterile filtration for both should be carried out to ensure successful reprocessing.

Protection against legionella in the labour and delivery ward

When it comes to water births, the mother, infant and attending staff have to be protected against infections caused by waterborne bacteria such as Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa or atypical mycobacteria. Which is why the use of an i3 FIVE sterile filter is recommended, which holds back waterborne pathogens during the filling of birthing tubs thanks to its 0.2 µm membrane – thus guaranteeing water completely free of microorganisms. The filter's compact size means it can be easily installed in the service panel of birthing tubs using the quick-release adaptor and remain invisible to the patient.

i3 FIVE inline sterile filter


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  • Sterile filtration acc. to ASTM F838

  • 50 days' operation time (7 weeks)

  • Microfiltration 0.2 μm

  • Wipe disinfectable filter surface

  • High and stable flow rate over the entire duration of use

  • Clear product identification for a legally conform documentation of the filter change using the i3 trackApp or i3 change service

  • Versatile applications
    (e.g. for the filling of birthing tubs, endoscope washing machines)

  • Safe and easy connection by means of a quick release coupling

  • The water filter provides lasting protection against waterborne pathogens for immunocompromised and immunosuppressed patients

Technical data

Flow rate 20 L/min at 5 bar (inital)*
Bacterial retention > 7 log (Brev. Dim.) per cm2 filter area
Disinfection Cleaning with specified disinfectants*
Operating pressure max 5 bar
Operating temperature 60 °C (max 70 °C for 30 mins.)
Duration of use 50 days (7 weeks)
Membrane i3 high performance flat membrane
Pore size of membrane 0.2 µm
Size 40 mm diameter x 140 length (without couplings)
Shelf life 5 years
Chlorine resistance Resistant to chemical shock disinfection*

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