Particle analytics in the Lab & Pharmaceuticals Sector

The purity of the filtration media is particularly important in everyday laboratory work. Contamination may occur both in solids and in liquid and gaseous media, and they have to be detected and analyzed at short notice. Freedom from particles in the sphere of nano- and microstructures is a fundamental requirement. In addition to the filtration process, individual standards regulate use of the appropriate membrane with the specific coating and pore size in the respective analytical areas.

i3 Membranes for the highest demands in everyday laboratory use

i3 Membrane offers highly reliable, specially coated track-etched membranes made of different polymer compounds for all applications in the field of particle analysis. Ultra-thin metal layers of gold, aluminum, titanium and other precious metals on high-quality polymer membranes enable the electrical conductivity of the membrane surfaces. They provide optimum reflection in FTIR, Raman, LDIR and form a suitable conductive substrate for imaging in EDX/WDX.

The right membrane for every application

The standardized membranes are ideally suited for use in environmental analysis. The focus here is on asbestos analysis (air and material samples) and the analysis of water and soil samples of every kind. They ae also used in particle analysis of liquid pharmaceuticals and chemical aids as well as in technical cleanliness.

The particularly smooth surface of the track-etched polyester membranes is also used for filtration in microplastic analysis. Particles from the environment and from food can be detected and analyzed quickly and easily with the help of the track-etched membranes.

Particle analyzes that go beyond standard applications can be implemented using membranes custom developed for you.

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