Particle analytics

with gold-coated track-etched filters

Particle analysis is essential in quality control during the production of drugs and excipients and in research and development of new pharmaceuticals and auxiliary chemicals. Particle size and particle shape are of interest because the biopharmaceutical product particle size can influence a product in two ways. These particles are considered to be indicators of contamination and they can disrupt the action of drugs. In some cases, pharmaceutical materials and auxiliary chemicals are contaminated with particles from the raw material; in other cases, the particles come from parts of the production machinery. They are produced due to friction of moving parts such as valves in transporting and filling equipment.

Particle analysis is nevertheless also very important in automobile production. Here, too, the highest standards of cleanliness must be guaranteed. Compliance with these standards begins right back with the components being used, which are extremely sensitive and are exposed to numerous contamination risks during production. Keeping these risks as low as possible takes top priority. Compliance with all requirements, norms and standards is regularly checked using special tests of cleanliness for quality assurance in several analytic stages.

i3 Membrane has developed special membranes for applications in the pharmaceutical and automobile industries. The track-etched filters, which are coated with gold by vapor deposition, deliver optimal reflection in Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) microscopy and Raman spectroscopy. They make a suitable conductive substrate for imaging with scanning electron microscopy (EDX/WDX).

The different pore sizes of the polyester membranes allow the filtration of all organic and inorganic particles. The filters are an indispensable tool for many companies in the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry and the automobile industry.

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  • 20.05.2019

    Gold-coated PET core pore filters fixed in an aluminum ring (i3 TrackPor R) for particle analysis in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Efficient and state-of-the-art identification and characterization of micro- and nanoparticles in liquids.

  • 15.04.2019

    i3 TrackPor M ready-to-use disposable monitor for asbestos analysis

    Facilitates the thanks to the membrane already sputtered with gold for examination of asbestos particles in the air.

  • 07.02.2019

    i3 FlexiPor membranes for Sterifiltration and Tissue Engineering

    The use of alumina membranes is characterized by low adsorption, high chemical inertness and the exclusion of extractables.

  • 04.02.2019

    Gold-coated track-etched membranes i3 TrackPor for asbestos and particle analysis

    Easy particle adhesion due to extra-flat surface and tunnel-shaped pore-vaporized arrangement. Track-etched membranes are produced in a three-step process.


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