Accessories for i3 sterile filters

For the optimal and individual use of i3 sterile filters, i3 Membrane offers a wide range of high-quality accessories. Selected materials and a function of the quick-release couplings that has been proven over many years allow safe and quick connection of the i3 sterile filters to common water outlets, such as taps and showers.

With the additional accessories, the threads of the quick-release couplings can be extended to allow the i3 sterile filters to be used individually. Select the right accessories for your application and contact us for a quotation.


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We would be happy to send you an individual offer for our i3 accessories. You can reach us at 040/2576748-0 or send us your request.

i3 Sterilfilter Zubehör - Adapter Dusche

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i3 Sterilfilter Zubehör - Adapter Dusche
i3 Sterilfilter Zubehör - Adapter Dusche

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i3 Membrane with headquarters in Germany and Austria links ion technology with membrane technology, thereby creating a new field of multifunctional and controllable separation techniques. In your capacity as a user of separation technologies, i3 Membrane supports you in developing your innovations in the areas of Life Science and Industry.

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