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									Endständige Sterilfilter für Wasserauslässe in Risikobereichen

Point-of-use sterile filters – between infection prevention and sanitation products

Various different descriptions and information regarding point-of-use sterile filters frequently lead to misunderstandings. …

									Hygienische Aufbereitung von flexiblen Endoskopen

Successful lecture event "Hygienic reprocessing of flexible endoscopes"

The "Hygienic reprocessing of flexible endoscopes" event took place on September 23 at the RADISSON BLU HOTEL in Cologne, …


COVID-19: risks caused by secondary infections

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase worldwide, a study suggests secondary infections pose a risk for …

									Asbestanalyse mit TrackPor M - Monitoren

i3 TrackPor M - ready-to-use disposable monitor for asbestos analysis

Coated on both sides with gold, the i3 TrackPor membranes inserted in the monitor comply with the applicable VDI standards. …

									Hygienische Aufbereitung von flexiblen Endoskopen

Hygienic reprocessing of flexible endoscopes

As part of our event on the current requirements for the reprocessing of flexible endoscopes, we will discuss the general …

									Flex Function 2 Sustain Projektstart

FlexFunction2Sustain project launch

On April 1st the initiative FlexFunction2Sustain launched – an EU-funded program to support innovative products in …

									i3 ONE - Kompakter Sterilfilter für den Wasserhahn

i3 point-of-use sterile filters

The point-of-use sterile filters comply with all the requirements made by the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) for a …

									There is glory in prevention

There is glory in prevention

The current pandemic has brought infection prevention into the focus of society. Considering the potential for secondary …

									Importance of water and gram-negative microbes in hygiene

Importance of water and gram-negative microbes in hygiene

i3 Membrane published a booklet which provides a glimpse into the complex world of water hygiene, from the formation of …

									Sensorpflaster für Monitoring von Trainingsbelastungen

Sensor patch for monitoring exercise exertion

In the "Smolki" innovation project, project partners i3 Membrane und Olmatic GmbH, in cooperation with the Hamburg …

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