Microplastic particle analysis

with aluminium-coated polyester membrane in the aluminum ring i3 TrackPor PAR

Drinking water, food and cosmetics are subject to strict quality controls. The DIN EN ISO 24187:2022 standard, which is legally binding since October 2023, ensures the principles for the analysis of plastics and microplastics in the environment. With the help of the i3 TrackPor PA, both organic and inorganic particles can be analyzed in the micro and nano range.

Easier handling in everyday laboratory work thanks to aluminum rings

Packaging in aluminum rings is essential for easy handling of the i3 TrackPor PAR membranes in everyday laboratory work. The particularly smooth and even surface of the i3 TrackPor PAR polyester membrane is the result of a homogeneous aluminum layer of 100/0 nm. The aluminum-coated track-etched filters i3 TrackPor PAR are often used over a longer filtration period and remain consistently stable even in liquid media. They provide optimum reflectance in Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and LDIR spectroscopy, and also form a suitable conductive substrate for imaging in the scanning electron microscope (EDX/WDX).

Aluminum coating provides for color-accurate reproduction of the particles

The homogeneous aluminum substrate on the side of the polyester membranes to be measured provides a true-color visual representation of the particles in the analysis result. Another advantage of the i3 TrackPor PA consists in the significantly lower illumination intensity. Measurement results show that the aluminum-coated i3 TrackPor PA membranes require approximately 30% less illumination intensity than gold-coated membranes. This increases the particle contrast in the exterior.
Individually packed in mini PetriSlides, the i3 TrackPor PAR are offered with a membrane diameter of 30 mm and three different pore sizes (0.8 µm, 3 µm and 5 µm). One package unit contains 50 pieces per pore size.

TrackPor PAR - Aluminum-coated polyester membrane in an aluminum ring


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