Digital Membrane Chromatography

The third dimension in the purification of therapeutic products

Membrane chromatography (MC) offers advantages over conventional column chromatography (CC) owing to convective mass transport which permits improved purification efficiency and shorter processing times. In addition, MC's scalability and ease of automation contribute to enhanced productivity in downstream bioprocessing applications. During the bind and elution mode, elution is normally carried out by changing the pH value or increasing the buffer ion strength, which minimizes the yield and maximizes the cost of the process.

Digital Membrane Chromatography (DMC) compensates for the usual limitations of MC:

  • No buffer exchange for elution
  • High quality eluates
  • Short process times through immediate elution
  • Scalability through multiple layers

DMC - Working principle

Digitalizing membrane chromatography provides a new, third dimension for biomolecule purification by applying electric potential to ion exchange and affinity membranes through an ultrathin conductive layer. An electric potential creates electric fields across the membrane, resuting in a reversal of biomolecular charge and facilitating the elution of target biomolecules from the membrane without pH changes or the use of high salt concentrations. Only an electrical potential switch is needed for the elution of adsorbed biomolecules. Digital chromatographic devices will be available with protein A based affinity membrane or anion exchange membrane equipped with contact elements facilitating the connection of electricity from voltage sources. A female Luer lock inlet and male Luer lock outlet simplify connection to low-pressure chromatography systems.

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