Membrane chromatography

for the separation, purification and concentration of biomolecules

Separation using ion exchange chromatography is very slow and complex because of the diffusion process. Membrane chromatography was developed to speed up the separation process. It is around 10 times faster. To guarantee an efficient process, the size of the membrane filter capsule must be appropriate for the requirements of the biomolecule mass to be separated. Membranes with chromatographic properties are being used increasingly in biotechnology to separate pharmaceutical active agents such as monoclonal antibodies. The advantage of this method compared to current methods using chromatography columns is the higher flow rate and the improved efficiency of separation resulting from it.

Digital membrane chromatography

i3 Membrane had a revolutionary idea: by applying an ultrathin layer of gold to both sides of the membrane and then connecting it to a power source, an electric field is created. Biomolecules can now be desorbed quickly and easily and the process can be repeated as often as needed. Membrane chromatography goes digital.

Linking knowledge

i3 Membrane with headquarters in Germany and Austria links ion technology with membrane technology, thereby creating a new field of multifunctional and controllable separation techniques. In your capacity as a user of separation technologies, i3 Membrane supports you in developing your innovations in the areas of Life Science and Industry.

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