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For a digital and efficient filter change

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To ensure filters used in medical facilities are sterile, the filters must be regularly changed according to their duration of use – a process that needs to be scheduled and then performed on time. Only in this way can consistent protection be provided for patients and users alike. At the same time, this process needs to be documented in writing in a legally conform way. As a result, medical facility operators and personnel are frequently confronted with major challenges.

Ideal software solution for i3 sterile filters

Thanks to the i3 trackApp, we are able to offer you the ideal software solution for a digital, efficient and, above all, effortless filter change. Developed in collaboration with hygiene, technical and IT experts, the app specifically focuses on the changing of i3 sterile filters. It enables the responsible department to quickly plan, execute and document the filter change in a structured and efficient way – providing a high degree of certainty and reliability.

A clear overview of all filters in use

The planning, data storage and generation of reports take place on the computer. Individual filters can be displayed on the monitor – for buildings and stations, for rooms and each single place where filters are used – and no filter can be forgotten. The work within the teams and for new workers is optimally prepared. Data regarding the directions to the filters, the number of filters required, the replacement dates and already performed changes are captured in full and shown as a clear overview. The filter change reports are archived and can be quickly viewed and sent to others whenever required.

Comfortable tracking thanks to the scan function

Using a smartphone or tablet, the user is guided through the facility and all filters in use are flagged up for changing. A stable Internet connection is not required. The scan function within the i3 trackApp captures data about each and every filter change and, afterwards, transfers the relevant data to the computer. This means that legally conform verification takes place automatically.

i3 trackApp


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Your benefits with the i3 trackApp

  • Save personnel resources, optimizing the availability of your workforce for other tasks

  • Gain a clear overview on your computer of the planning and preparation

  • Enjoy digital planning on your smartphone or tablet – even without an Internet connection

  • Ensure a secure, simplified and paperless documentation process

  • Rest assured knowing that data is protected, secure and digitally stored

  • Automatic directions and reporting

  • Reminder function, Team mode, Control scan function

  • Without the need for software installations or additional hardware*

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Technical specifications and requirements

Provider i3 Membrane GmbH
App format & compatibility Web app – for use with all operating systems and devices (computer, smartphone, tablet) featuring standard browsers (exception: Internet Explorer*)*
Access to an app store is not required.
Data security Developed and hosted in Germany
Data import & export Compatible with Excel files
Languages English, German
Commissioning With the login data from i3*
Scan function Access to a functional camera is required*
Calendar function Arranging of appointments and reminders by e-mail
Team mode Enables the change of filters within a team

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