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When using sterile filters in medical environments, their use must be documented in writing to provide verification toward third parties in a legally conform way. The documentation must contain the following information: when and where the filter was installed, how long it was in use, and – for reliable tracing – which serial number the filter has. All this information should then be summarized in a filter change report, which, in line with German law, can be archived for at least ten years.

Change period: a maximum of 50 days

i3 sterile filters have a defined period of use of 50 days, during which the reliable protection of patients and users is guaranteed. Within this period of time, and when a continuously high flow rate is given, all bacteria is prevented from entering the drinking water. At the same time, the antibacterial characteristics of the filter's housing means the contamination path of organisms is cut off at both the water faucet and in the shower.

Tracing of each individual filter

The use of a dedicated serial number allows the filter to be traced. It is integrated into the label of the sterile filter and provides precise evidence of the manufacturing of each individual filter. For instance, it proves that the filter went through all quality control tests during production and successfully passed them.

Software for an easy filter change

The DataMatrix Code (DMC) for each sterile filter allows the filter to be changed quickly and easily. Thanks to the i3 trackApp filter change software, the filter can be scanned and read. All information that is necessary for writing up the filter change report is automatically captured, downloaded and documented.

Comprehensive service or own execution

We offer the filter change and all the necessary documentation as a comprehensive service package. Find out more information here: i3 change service.

As an alternative, you can perform the filter change and manual documentation on your own. To support you, we provide documentation templates for downloading. Simply remove the yellow labels from each product package and apply these next to the place and date information of the filter change in the protocol.

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