Sterile filter

The inline filter i3 FOUR sterile filter is used on cleaning nozzles for rinsing medical products (e.g. endoscopes) and serves towards sterile filtration of tap water. It protects immunodeficient or immunocompromised patients receiving medical treatment in oncology, transplant and intensive care units as well as neonates from infections caused by waterborne germs. It serves to prevent infections caused by bacteria such as legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa or mycobacteria.

i3 FOUR sterile filter


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  • The i3 FOUR has an application period of 50 days

  • The water filter provides lasting protection against waterborne pathogens for immune compromised and immunosuppressed patients

  • The filter housing material contains a bacteriostatic additive and reduces the germ count for retrograde contamination by 4 Log levels within 24 hours (as per the standard¹)

  • The i3 PES membrane used in the i3 FOUR has a nominal pore width of 0.2 µm and corresponds with the definition of sterile filtration²

  • The i3 PES ensures great stability and a consistently high flow rate.

  • The LRV (log reduction value) for the bacterium Brevundimonas diminuta is > 7 log/cm2



Diameter 41 mm
Height (up to adapter approach) 40 mm
Weight 30 g
Flow rate > 5l/min at 1 bar
> 15l/min at 5 bar
Filtration performance Up to 10.000 litres
Max. operation temperature 60 °C (max. 30 min at 70 °C)
Operating pressure max. 5 bar
Shelf life max. 1 year
Membrane i3 PES
Housing material Polypropylene
Packaging Double-walled PE-foil, vacuumed

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