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Gold-coated polyester membranes

Gold-coated membranes are used for the identification and characterization of micro- and nanoparticles in pharmaceutical fluids and chemical auxiliary agents. In pharmaceutical production, the freedom of a product from particles and the monitoring of a product's particle content are fundamental requirements.

Contamination during manufacturing occurs naturally due to people and machines. Contamination due to solid materials such as particles, dust and organisms, or due to materials in liquid and gaseous forms such as product residues and aerosols, must be detected and evaluated. In addition, contamination can be created by packaging and production equipment. Checking the end product, often too late, is complex and expensive. Particle testing should therefore be integrated into the production process at an early stage to guarantee the purity of the product and to protect people.

The polyester membranes are also used in technical cleanliness testing of functionally relevant automotive parts (particle contamination) in accordance with ISO 16232 and VDA 19. Particles are removed from automotive parts by methods such as sluicing with testing fluid. The testing fluid is then filtered through the i3 TrackPor P membranes which are prepared for examination under a light microscope.

The i3 TrackPor P membranes feature a particularly smooth even surface. The polyester membrane (PET) with a 100/0 nm gold layer makes it possible to filter out all organic and inorganic particles. The i3 TrackPor P membranes are stable in a liquid medium for longer filtration periods. They provide optimal reflection in Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) microscopy and make a suitable conductive substrate for scanning electron microscope imaging (EDX/WDX).

To stabilize the gold-coated polyester membrane in the filtration and analysis phase, the filters can be used equipped with an aluminum ring: i3 TrackPor R.

i3 TrackPor P - Gold-coated polyester membranes


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i3 TrackPor P - Gold-coated polyester membranes
i3 TrackPor P - Gold-coated polyester membranes

Technical data

Pore size0.8 µm3.0 µm5.0 µm
Membrane material Polyester Polyester Polyester
Pore density (cm-2) 4.00E+07 3.00E+06 4.00E+05
Membrane thickness (µm) 22 20 19
Gold coating* (nm) 100/0 100/0 100/0
Diameter (mm) 13 / 25 / 30 / 37 / 45 / 47 13 / 25 / 30 / 37 / 45 / 47 13 / 25 / 30 / 37 / 45 / 47


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