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Pioneer in digitally controllable membranes

i3 Membrane was founded in 2013 on the conviction that membranes can do more than just filter. The new company combined ion technology and membrane technology to develop the first digitally controllable membranes and thus revolutionized the traditional separation techniques.

With their functionalized surfaces, the membranes make separation processes more efficient and sustainable and reduce fouling. By means of digitally switchable adsorption and desorption of different media with simultaneous filtration, other options are also opened up offering entirely new ways of using membranes in all areas of the life sciences. i3 Membrane applies its knowledge of the different conductivity and inertness of coated polymer membranes to develop individual and standardized solutions for health applications, laboratory technology, pharmaceuticals and research. The range of applications extends fromr analytics and infection prevention to biotechnology.

i3 Membrane is now among the most innovative companies in separation technology. Production is located at the company's headquarters in Radeberg near Dresden. With branches in Germany and Austria and an international distribution network, i3 Membrane delivers premium products "made in Germany" to clients all over the world. When developing new membranes and highly selective separation techniques, i3 Membrane cooperates with different research establishments including the Technical University of Munich, the Helmholtz Center in Dresden-Rossendorf and the Leibniz Institute.

			Your Companion - Life Science Filtration
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