Hospital hygiene and infection prevention*

Supported by 15 years' experience and with the aid of ion-assisted techniques, we have developed compact high performance infection prevention filters. With the second generation of our Point-of-Use water filters, we are setting new standards in infection prevention.

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Sterile filters as filtration solutions for infection prevention

As CE-marked Class I medical devices, these filters feature reliable sterile filtration with a high flow rate. They comply with all the requirements of the EU's Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

The bacteriostatic properties of the filter housing act throughout the operational lifetime to combat retrograde contamination and biofilm formation. The compact construction and the laminar, angled water jet of the sterile filter support its unlimited and safe use.

The i3 ONE Point-of-Use sterile filter is used in medical settings to prevent infections caused by bacteria such as Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and mycobacteria. It is used on the water faucet for the sterile filtration of piped water. The water filter protects patients who are undergoing medical treatment, for example in oncology, transplant, and intensive care units, and neonates from becoming infected by waterborne pathogens.

The i3 TWO Point-of-Use sterile filter is used as a shower head for the sterile filtration of piped water. The water filter is used in situations where aerosols occur. It is also used for the irrigation of wounds (chronic and postoperative wounds and the wounds of people with severe burns).

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Thanks to the i3 trackApp, we are able to offer our clients the ideal software solution for a digital, efficient and, above all, effortless filter change. It enables to quickly plan, execute and document the filter change in a structured and efficient way – providing a high degree of certainty and reliability.

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