Sample preparation

with aluminum oxide ceramic membranes

Analytical HPLC methods are highly sensitive and play an important role in the laboratories of the pharmaceutical industry, in contract laboratories specializing in environmental analytics, in purity checking and monitoring of industrial products and fine chemicals and also in university laboratories. They make it possible to identify and quantify even small amounts of trace substances. This occurs, for example, in the determination of the purity of drugs and their active agents during quality control.

With the aid of high pressure liquid chromatography, or HPLC for short, it is possible to chromatographically separate substances in solution. To protect the chromatography columns, manufacturers recommend the filtration of samples and mobile phases to prevent particles from entering the packed columns and thus changing their separation properties. In order to preserve the integrity of the sample, the filter material being used must not give up extractable components to the sample and must not adsorb constituents of the sample.

Aluminum oxide ceramic membranes are free from organic "Extractables and Leachables". The fragile membranes have two different sides. The upper side of the membrane possesses large-diameter pores whose diameter remains constant along their length. The effective filtration barrier is created on the underside of the membrane by the smaller diameter of the pore openings. The relationship between the different pore sizes increases the reliability of the results, particularly in the trace substance analysis of unknown substances and in quality control by pharmaceutical, chemical and food companies.

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  • 15.06.2022

    Particle analytics (German Edition) with gold-coated track-etched filters

    i3 Membrane has developed special membranes for applications in industry sectors, such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and the food industry, as well as the chemical and the automobile industry.

  • 20.05.2019

    Gold-coated PET core pore filters fixed in an aluminum ring (German Edition) i3 TrackPor R for particle analysis

    Efficient and state-of-the-art identification and characterization of micro- and nanoparticles in liquids.

  • 15.04.2019

    i3 TrackPor M (German Edition) Ready-to-use disposable monitor for asbestos analysis

    Facilitates the thanks to the membrane already sputtered with gold for examination of asbestos particles in the air.

  • 07.02.2019

    i3 FlexiPor membranes (German Edition) for sterile filtration and tissue engineering

    The use of alumina membranes is characterized by low adsorption, high chemical inertness and the exclusion of extractables.

  • 04.02.2019

    Gold-coated track-etched membranes (German Edition) i3 TrackPor for asbestos and particle analysis

    Easy particle adhesion due to extra-flat surface and tunnel-shaped pore-vaporized arrangement. Track-etched membranes are produced in a three-step process.


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