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Are membranes capable of more than just filtering?
In order to get to the bottom of this question Dr. Stephan Brinke-Seiferth founded i3 Membrane in the year 2013. Our research findings quickly became clear already after a short period of time – that is, membranes in fact do much more than simply filter. And thus we turned to the second, even more exciting question – the question of how. How can we develop membranes that make sustainable and effective separation processes possible in the field of life sciences?

By combining ion and membrane technology we ultimately succeeded in developing the first digitally controllable membrane, thus revolutionizing conventional separation technology. The three "I"s in the underlying process – plasma immersion ion implantation – inspired us to name our company: i3 Membrane.

The digitally switchable adsorption and desorption of different media with simultaneous filtration opened up completely new application possibilities for our customers. With our knowledge of the different aspects of conductivity and inertness when it comes to coated polymer membranes, we have been developing customized and standardized solutions for healthcare, laboratory technology, pharmaceuticals and research ever since. The range of applications extends from analytics to infection prevention and biotechnology.

Since 2016 – when we officially entered the market – our young and modern start-up has developed into one of the most progressive international companies in the field of separation technology. Our team now consists of more than fifty employees – and counting! One of the most important reasons for our success is our unbridled curiosity for solutions that do not yet exist. That is why we never stop being inquisitive and constantly incorporate the latest trends into our work.

However, our curiosity is not only about technologies, but also about the people with whom and for whom we develop our solutions. We are curious about their experiences, their expertise and, in particular, the challenges for which we can provide them with support. After all, we love a challenge. And we love finding solutions to these challenges even more, and adapting our existing products wherever necessary so that they satisfy our customers' individual requirements.

How do we achieve this? By actually living up to our claim: "Your Companion". Confidential communication, honest exchange and doing business in a spirit of partnership are absolutely fundamental for us in order to develop excellent solutions for and with our customers. That is why we maintain close contact with our customers and collaborate with leading research institutes such as the Technical University of Munich, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf and the Leibniz Institute in the development of innovative membranes and highly selective separation techniques. We manufacture our products to the highest quality standards at our headquarters in Radeberg near Dresden. With branch offices in Germany and Austria and a growing international sales network, we supply top quality products "made in Germany" worldwide.

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