May 5th: World Hand Hygiene Day

May 5th marks the 14th anniversary of World Hand Hygiene Day. Launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2009, the five fingers of both hands – 5/5 – symbolize the theme of "optimal hand hygiene".

When the "Save Lives: Clean your Hands" campaign was started in 2009, the focus was on one thing in particular: raising awareness with regard to hand hygiene in healthcare facilities. Its significance is never-ending as one of the most important intercessional measures in the prevention of nosocomial infections.

The annual Global Handwashing Day in October is also intended to draw attention specifically to the fact that hands are the most common carriers of pathogens. "Proper" hand washing (see CDC) interrupts transmission paths and protects against infections.

In addition to hand hygiene, successful and sustainable infection prevention goes hand in hand, as it were, with other relevant hygiene measures, such as surface disinfection and the use of terminal infection prevention filters*.

We provide you with support on the path toward reliable infection prevention* – not only on this special day.

You can find out more about infection prevention filtration here

Further recommendations and information on hand hygiene: 

*Refers to the non-U.S. version of the i3 ONE and i3 TWO

May 5th: World Hand Hygiene Day
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