October 15th: World Hand Hygiene Day

Today marks the 14th anniversary of World Hand Hygiene Day, which was initiated by the World Health Organization. In addition to the WHO, the annual campaign that takes place on October 15th is supported by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the World Bank and UNICEF.

The importance of regular, thorough handwashing with soap and water has been demonstrated in recent months during the pandemic. As an important pillar in the prevention of infections, it sustainably prevents the spread of infectious diseases. Handwashing and hand disinfection are considered to be a reliable barrier to germs when it comes to contact with immunocompromised persons, particularly in clinical settings. Surface disinfection and the use of sterile filters are further indispensable pillars of effective and reliable prevention.

In a short video the German Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) shows why handwashing is so important – and how to do it right!

October 15th: World Hand Hygiene Day
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