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Digital Membrane Chromatography: the new dimension in protein purification

Membrane chromatography is mainly used for the separation and purification of proteins in downstream processing and is recognized as an effective alternative to column chromatography. In recent protein purification processes, the elution of target molecules is achieved by changing the pH or by increasing the ionic strength (salt concentration) of the elution buffer. In addition to higher process costs, harsh conditions can cause structural changes in the target proteins.

To overcome these limitations, we developed Digital Membrane Chromatography (DMC) elution technique. We introduced a third dimension for protein purification without changing the pH or increasing ionic strength. The DMC process is 2 times faster with significantly higher protein concentrations compared to common salt-induced elution steps. Moreover, recovery rates of over 90% are achieved with DMC and multiple membrane layer configurations offer a scale-up in adsorption capacities.

Download our white paper and learn more about our new DMC technology and possible fields of application.

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