i3 ONE

Point-of-Care filter to assist infection prevention

The i3 ONE Point-of-Care disposable tap water filter with dual membrane layers is validated for the retention of bacteria in accordance with ASTM F838 standard for sterilizing grade membrane filters. The membrane retains bacteria, protozoa, fungi and particles larger than 0.2 µm. It is used in medical settings, e.g., NICUs or on oncological, transplant, burns and intensive care units to reduce the incidence of infection caused by waterborne pathogens.

These pathogens may include Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other gram-negative species. i3 ONE, a class II medical device, has an engineered design with a prefilter layer over a 0.6 µm layer which collectively protect the vital sterilizing grade 0.2 µm membrane to give prolonged onstream life. The outlet of the filter can be directed away from the drain hole to offset the risk of biofilm aerosolization and splash reduction.

Intended use and areas of application
The intended use of the i3 ONE water filter is to filter EPA quality drinking water. It retains bacteria, which may aid in infection control. The filters produce water that is appropriate for washing and drinking, superficial wound cleansing (minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions), cleaning of equipment used in medical procedures and washing of hands. The water filters are not intended to provide water that can be used as a substitute for USP grade sterile water.

i3 ONE - Kompakter Sterilfilter für den Wasserhahn


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Engineered design

  • FDA approved medical device class II

  • Sterilizing grade membrane with a double layer pore size of 0.6 µm and 0.2 µm (microfiltration)

  • Compact design for more hand washing space

  • Patented design provides a laminar flow directed away from the sinks drain hole

  • Duration of use: 50 days

  • Quick connection for quick interchanging of the filter

  • High, stable flow rate throughout the period of use

  • Clear traceability

  • Protection due to the bacteriostatic properties of the filter housing in accordance with ISO 22196

Technical specifications

Applications Tap water
Authorized for use with drinking water Plastics suitable for use with drinking water as per BS 6920
Flow rate 3.2 gal/min (12 L/min) at 75 psi (5 bar) initial
Extraneous contamination > 4 log reduction Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus in 24 hrs
Bacterial retention > 7 log (Brevundimonas diminuta) per cm2 of filter area
Disinfection Can be disinfected by wiping with normal surface disinfectant
Operating temperature max 140 oF (60 oC) during normal use
max 158 oF (70 oC) for 30 mins.
Operating pressure max 75 psi (5 bar)
Duration of use 50 days
Shelf life 5 years
Membrane i3 High performance pleated membrane
Chlorine resistance ≤ 200 ppm active chlorine for 1 hour
≤ 10 ppm active chlorine for 50 days
Labeling Serial number / DataMatrixCode for documentation of filter changes
Attachment Quick-release coupling is required for installation

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