Particle analysis


Particle identification in pharmaceuticals and auxiliaries is essential in the area of production quality control as well as in the research and development of new pharmaceuticals.

Particle size and shape are of interest as the biopharmaceutical product particle size can impact a product in two ways: influencing the effects of the drug and as an indicator of contamination.

Pharmaceutical substances often display particles which originate directly from the raw material on the one hand and can come from production equipment on the other. Such contamination is caused by friction at moving parts, such as valves, in
transport and filling plants. 

i3 Membrane has developed special membranes for this area of application. Core pore filters vaporized with gold deliver an optimal reflection in Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) microscopy and form a suitable, conductive surface for imaging in
scanning electron microscopy (EDX/WDX).

The various pore sizes of the membranes permit filtration of all organic and inorganic particles.

These filters are an indispensable resource for many companies in the pharmaceutical industry.