i3 Wound-Pen SetSterile filter

The i3 shower pen is a point-of-use sterile filter for cleansing wounds in out-patient and in-patient care as well as being a class 1 medical product.  The point-of-use i3 shower pen sterile filter serves toward targeted and phased cleansing (exudation granulation phase) of hard-to-clean wounds with distinctive wound cavities and wound pockets. The i3 wound pen set comprises a shower pen and disinfection wipes as well as information on how to cleanse wounds.

The sterile filter is connected directly to the shower hose using the housing thread and is designed for use for up to 31 days (one month).
Waterborne bacteria are safely retained by the sterile filtration membrane and the filter supplies sterile filtered tap water.

The shower jet comprises fine jets which permit gentle, pain-free wound cleansing with high cleaning strength. The temperature and pressure can be adjusted individually.

After use and wipe-down disinfection of the entire housing, the i3 shower pen can be securely closed and transported.

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i3 Wound Pen Set
i3 Shower Pen
Disinfection wipes

Specification i3 Shower Pen



160 mm


25 g

Flow rate

> 2 l/min. at 5 bar

Max. operating temperature

60° C

Operating pressure

max. 5 bar

Shelf life

max. 1 year

Membrane surface

250 cm²


Cleaning with disinfectant wipe cloths

Specification disinfection wipes


Product name



Dr. Schumacher GmbH


20 wipes


High-level rapid disinfection and cleaning of medical devices and surfaces

Chemical composition

100 g fluid contains:
0,25 g Didecyldimethylammoniumchloride
0,5 g Alkyl