i3 WoundPen sterile filter

Pocket-sized irrigation solution

The waterborne pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa can cause severe infection in wounds. It smells very strong and is often visible in the wound in the form of green pus. This pathogen is very clever. It sticks to the wound. Many antibiotics are unable to kill it and it can only be removed using long-drawn-out procedures. If a wound is colonized with this pathogen, wound healing is hugely disrupted.

Showering postoperative and chronic wounds without protection from bacteria that may occur in the water pipes can cause infection. As a rule, therefore, doctors recommend only prepacked wound irrigation solutions such as salt solution. Sterile wound irrigation solutions are ideal for wound cleansing but experience shows that, in homecare situations in particular, effective wound cleansing is not possible. The care-giver, or you yourself, tries to clean the wound with sterile gauze and irrigation fluid. The irrigation fluid must first be warmed to body temperature. The microwave makes it too hot and heating in a pot on the stove takes too long. The care-giver presses on the wound, which is still very painful, and tries to remove any remaining bits of dressing, fibrin or exudate. Often the cleaning takes too long and the wound gets cold and becomes even more painful. Some wound irrigation solutions cannot be kept once they have been opened. They have to be used up completely on the day of opening.

For this reason, i3 Membrane has developed the i3 WoundPen – a point-of-use wound shower that is easy to install and delivers sterile filtered tap water as an irrigating solution. The sterile filter is used for phase-appropriate targeted cleansing of hard-to-clean wounds in ambulatory and inpatient care. It is attached directly to the shower hose with the screw thread of the housing and is suitable either for a usage duration of 50 days or for 50 3-minute applications. The sterile filtration membrane safely holds back all waterborne bacteria and other pathogens and delivers sterile filtered tap water for a proper wound cleanse. The shower jet is made up of many single fine jets and makes it possible to cleanse wounds almost painlessly. The temperature and the water pressure can be adjusted individually using the shower mixer faucet. After use and subsequent disinfection of the whole casing by wiping, the i3 WoundPen can be safely and hygienically sealed and transported if necessary.

Patients can order the i3 WoundPen directly.

i3 WoundPen sterile filter

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  • 50 day usage period (50 applications lasting 3 minutes each)

  • Quick and easy installation on the shower hose

  • Reliable sterile filtration due to the use of a high-performance flat membrane with nominal pore size of 0.2 μm

  • Product can be sealed for optimal transport (discharge management)

  • Gentle water jet for painless or near-painless wound cleansing

i3 WoundPen sterile filter
i3 WoundPen sterile filter
i3 WoundPen sterile filter
i3 WoundPen sterile filter

Technical data

Flow rate > 2 l/min at 5 bar*
Sterile filtration Bacterial retention: > 7 log per cm2*
Disinfection Can be disinfected by wiping with normal surface disinfectant*
Operating pressure max. 5 bar
Operating temperature 40 °C
Duration of uses 50 days or 50 applications each lasting 3 minute
Storage time Max. 1 year
Connection G ½ʺ external thread (standard shower hose thread)
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