Will new separation technologies facilitate my work and make it more effective?

Yes, i3 Membrane is integrating digitalization in separation technology. The targeted control of new separation characteristics makes work easier and more effective. Ultra-thin metal layers of gold or titanium on high-quality polymer membranes permit the electric conductivity of the membrane surface, enabling specific alteration of the zeta potential of a membrane.

By applying electric voltage of between -1.5 Volt and +1.5 Volt, charged ingredients such as proteins, viruses or endotoxins can be adsorbed and desorbed again by changing the voltage. i3 Membrane thereby digitizes the chromatographic properties of membranes and reveals a wide range of possibilities for applications in biotech and diagnostics.

An electric voltage exceeding 2 Volt generates radicals via dissociation of water. They can be used for cleaning or for specific elimination of germs such as viruses.



Metal coating on membrane

In close collaboration with high-tech companies and research institutes, new platform technology gives rise to numerous applications for facilitating and making work more effective while tapping new fields in the process.