Can we steer international motorization toward a clean future?

Yes, i3 Membrane develops ultra-thin metal coatings which display very high specific surfaces and can be efficiently used as electrodes for batteries, for example. i3 Membrane thereby contributes toward steering motorization onto clean paths.

Ultra-thin stainless steel metal coatings which are a mere 3 µm thick are attributed a defined porosity using an ion-supported method. The original surface is enlarged by a factor greater than 200. Substances can be stored in the structure which is approx. 1 µm deep, thereby providing them with direct contact to the conductive material. The surface can be specifically designed and silanized to be hydrophobic or strictly hydrophilic, enabling certain substances such as antibodies to be bound specifically via Protein A. The possible applications of this new technology are diverse.




SEM shot

i3 Membrane collaborates with industrial partners to pursue the utilization of this ion-supported modification of surfaces.