Track-etched membranes for filtration and analysis of microplastics

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Microplastic particles are polluting nature and the environment to an ever-increasingly degree. On land as well as in the oceans and in rivers, the plastics that accumulate there decompose into microplastic particles that are barely visible to the naked eye. As a result, drinking water and cosmetics, among other things, are increasingly contaminated with microplastics.

Identification of these plastic particles, that are as tiny as 0.1 micrometers, is becoming increasingly essential. There are more and more studies on the detection of microplastics in the human body. The resulting consequences for humans and the environment remain unforeseeable.

Therefore, i3 Membrane has developed special membranes for the application areas in microplastic analysis. Gold-coated track-etched polyester membranes, assembled in an aluminum ring or as a single membrane, are easy to handle using a specially developed vacuum filtration unit. The microplastic particles of various types, shapes and sizes remaining on the membrane surface can be identified in excellent fashion with the help of RAMAN or FTIR spectroscopy.

i3 TrackPor P membranes are remarkable for their particularly smooth and even surface and are especially appreciated by our customers due to their optimal reflective properties. This membrane is offered as i3 TrackPor R – enclosed in the aluminum ring – for easier handling during the filtration process.

i3 offers you individual membranes that meet the highest demands for your daily challenges in the laboratory.

Watch our new video about these membranes and their application – at the top right in the small window or in larger format via this link: Microplastic analysis with i3 TrackPor P track-etched gold-coated membranes

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