The smoother the surface, the more precisely and quickly the analysis can be carried out

Gold coated membrane i3 TrackPor

Every smooth, flat surface acts like a flat mirror. A brightly polished metal surface can reflect all of the incident light unhindered.

The gold-coated i3 TrackPor membranes are evenly vapor-deposited with gold in a multi-stage process so that they provide optimal reflection in Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) microscopy and Raman spectroscopy. The more even the gold layer and the more planar the membrane material, the more suitable and conductive they are as a substrate for imaging in the scanning electron microscope (EDX / WDX).

The gold layer thickness and the membrane material vary depending on the respective application process. Track-etched filters for liquid applications must also be stable over longer filtration stages, while filters for air samples have to withstand other requirements. In all analyzes, the user-friendly and reliable handling of the membranes is in the foreground.

Small craters or irregularities often have a significant impact on the analysis. Particles from the filtration media can settle in or between depressions. In the worst case, they overlap and provide an undefined microscopic result. It is not uncommon for the analyzes to be carried out a second time, which is associated with additional costs and a high expenditure of time.

In the manufacture of the i3 TrackPor membranes, particular care is taken to ensure compliance with these quality standards so that laboratory analysis can always be carried out at the best possible level.

Gold coated membrane i3 TrackPor for precise and quick particle analysis
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