i3 membranes for particle analysis

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Are you responsible for particle analysis in solids as well as in liquid and gaseous media in your daily laboratory work? Does the absence of particles in the area of nano and microstructures present you with new challenges every day?

i3 supports you with membranes that meet the highest demands and are easy to use. They are so easy, in fact, that the filtrations and measurements can be performed quickly with little effort, while delivering excellent measurement results.

The high-quality polymer membranes ‒ coated with ultra-thin layers of gold, titanium and other precious metals ‒ enable the membrane surface to conduct electricity. They provide optimal reflection in Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) microscopy and Raman spectroscopy, and form a suitable, conductive background for imaging in the scanning electron microscope (EDX / WDX).

Before the membranes arrive at your laboratory, they have been extensively tested and packed in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2016 standard. Each individual membrane thus meets the highest quality requirements and can be traced back to the exact batch.

If you need filtration media for individual areas of application, or research studies that are not in the standard portfolio, we will work out a catalog of requirements with you. It goes without saying that i3 Membrane supports you until an optimal measurement result is achieved.

The i3 coated, track-etched filters made of different polymer compounds with different pore sizes, diameters and coating thicknesses are delivered to national and international laboratories. They are ideal for use in asbestos analysis, and applied in the pharmaceutical, chemical and automotive industries as well as in sample preparation (HPLC, etc.).

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Particle analysis with i3 membranes
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