Medical Care


Gold-coated PET core pore filters fixed in an aluminum ring (i3 TrackPor R) for particle analysis in the pharmaceutical industry.20.05.2019

Efficient and state-of-the-art identification and characterization of micro- and nanoparticles in liquids. read more

i3 TrackPor M15.04.2019

Facilitates the thanks to the membrane already sputtered with gold for examination of asbestos particles in the air. read more

i3 FlexiPor membranes for Sterifiltration and Tissue Engineering07.02.2019

The use of alumina membranes is characterizedby low adsorption, high chemical inertness and theexclusion of extractables. read more

Gold-coated track-etched membranes i3 TrackPor for asbestos and particle analysis04.02.2019

Easy particle adhesion due to extra-flat surface and tunnel-shaped pore-vaporized arrangement. Track-etched membranes are produced in a three-step … read more