i3 ZERO water filtration

Disposable 40-day outbreak filters

Used to reduce bioburden including bacteria, larger microbes and particles in water outlets from taps and showerheads.


The pleated membrane system inside the filter has been specifically engineered to minimize the filter size. This miniaturization increases the space for handwashing particularly where other bulky filters may be used to aid hand hygiene practices.

E-beam irradiated, integrity tested, bacteria retentive

i3 ZERO's* are supplied electron beam irradiated by a process commonly used to sterilize instruments and equipment to ensure bioburden is minimal or zero. Every filter is 100% integrity tested. Each i3 ZERO water filter has a dual layer of high performing PES membrane. 0.2 µm membrane is validated to retain bacteria generally in accordance with the procedure outlined by ASTM F838 Standard for the verification of sterilizing grade membrane filters.

Carbon footprint – environmentally friendly

These single use disposable tap filters reduce plastic waste by 70% or more based on the mass of plastic of comparable disposable tap water filters.

Biofilm, splash zone and contamination control

A bacteriostatic additive has been added to the capsules to control the growth of microbes on their surface thereby reducing the potential of extraneous contamination caused by splash back or unhygienic handling.

As part of a patented design, the i3 ZERO tap filter can be used to direct a laminar flow of water away from the drainage outlet of the sink. This offsets some risk of harmful microbes being released from biofilm in the wastewater system / drain hole to the environment by the action of fast flowing tap water. The water flow exiting the tap filter can also be directed so that the splash zone immediately around a sink is controlled or reduced.

40-day use

A maximum of 40 day onstream is recommended. If influent water quality is poor filters may block in less than 40 days of normal use. In these cases, i3 Membrane can recommend water pre-conditioning systems to prolong the filter life.

Traceability and record keeping

Each i3 ZERO water filter has a unique DataMatrix Code for traceability and for recording data, for example, installation and changeout schedules.

*If local customs, governmental standards and regulations permit.

Linking knowledge

As your companion for life science filtration, we support you with new, effective separation technologies in the Lab/Pharma, Medical and Biotech fields.

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