i3 Vacuum Filtration Unit

for isolation of microplastic particles and other microparticles

The isolation and identification of particles, such as microplastic particles, or visible particles in liquid pharmaceuticals is gaining more and more interest. Detection from liquid suspensions requires filtration that is fast and reliable. Identification of the resulting particles is performed after the filtration process using either FTIR, Raman, LDIR microscopy or scanning electron microscopy (EDX/WDX).

The i3 Vacuum Filtration Set consists of several parts, such as the funnel (available with two different funnel sizes – 4mm and 12mm) with the corresponding frit, a retaining clip, a suitable aspirating bottle, as well as a silicone plug that allows connection of a pump.

The i3 TrackPor R and i3 TrackPor PAR membranes are fixed between the sample funnel and the frit using the enclosed clamp and are thus stabilized during the entire filtration process.

After successful vacuum filtration, the membranes, assembled in the aluminum rings, can be quickly and easily released from the clamp and used for subsequent light microscopic analysis.


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