Will sterile water filtration become a minor detail in the neonate ward?
Will new technologies facilitate my work and make it more effective?
Can we steer international motorization toward a clean future?

Bringing power to separation

  • Inertness and conductivity
  • Efficient membrane technology
  • Switchable separation technology

As scientists and engineers exploring new fields in the area of Life Science and developing new applications, you require effective separation technology which is up to these tasks.

i3 Membrane has developed new separation technologies in the areas of Life Science and Industry.

With qualities such as inertness and conductivity of stainless steel adsorption foils and metal-coated polymer membranes, i3 Membrane reveals the numerous new possibilities of separation technology.

Switchable adsorption with simultaneous filtration or reduced fouling by variable surface properties of polymer membranes are just some examples of many new applications.

i3 Membrane supports you with your current and future challenges, thereby contributing toward your success in research, development and production.